GLIM Bible School

Get your seminary education in the comfort of your home.  Listen and study on your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any audio device.  Take courses like: Theology; Counseling; Philosophy of Religion; Eschatology etc.  Also, earn a Master Teacher Certificate after 8 courses and an Associate in Biblical Studies after 16 courses.  All lectures are in audio format and the only text book you need, is your Bible.   

GLIM Bible School (GBS) currently offers 34 online audio courses. 

You don’t need to become a pastor to take a course. May be you just need to educate yourself on a particular topic or book of the Bible. This will be a great opportunity for you. 

Cost per course: The student will pay $75 per course. However, there is a 10% matching discount per course for everyone who signs up per your recommend.  

1) Review the courses bellow
2) Go to contact on the tool bar and email to us your names (first and last name and middle initial) and   the course/courses you want to enroll in. 
3) Make payment bellow. 
4) We will email you instructions and access to the course.  

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Available Courses: 
1) Old Testament I
2) Old Testament II
3) Old Testament III
4) The Book of Genesis
5) The Book of Daniel
6) New Testament I
7) New Testament II
8) New Testament III
9) The Epistle of Paul to the Romans
10) The Epistle to the Hebrews
11) The Parables of Jesus
12) Spiritual Warfare
13) The Book of the Revelation
14) New Testament Theology
15) The Doctrine of God
16) Making Disciples
17) Women in Scripture and Church History
18) The History of Biblical Counseling
19) A Biblical Theology of Christian Education
20) The Art of Mentoring
21) Women's Issues in Counseling
22) Resolving Conflict Through Personal Forgiveness
23) A Comparative Analysis of Human Psychology
24) The Philosophy of Religion
25) Understanding Anxiety and Depression
26) Spiritual Growth in Christian Education
27) Developing Effective Teaching Strategies
28) Christianity and Competing World Views
29) Conflict Management (Wise)
30) Biblical Prophecy I
31) Biblical Prophecy II
32) The Gospel of Matthew I
33) The Gospel of Matthew II
34) Counseling in Suffering